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Why You Should Choose Tammy Lord

Getting the perfect hairstylist isn’t easy. It takes a lot of soul searching, much like finding a partner, until you can finally reach a conclusion. You’ll end up going through a lot of bad stylists or people that you don’t really mesh well with until you’ve found someone that really understands you, your style and your hair. Even then, your ideal hairstylist might leave and switch to a different place or eventually retire! Thankfully, finding the ideal hair salon in Las Vegas has never been easier thanks to Tammy Lord , one of the most reputable hairstylists in the city. But what makes Tammy special and why should you choose her over the alternatives? The First American Board-Certified Hair Colorist in Nevada Tammy Lord is the very first American Board-Certified Hair Colorist in the state of Nevada, an accomplishment that has helped her build a solid reputation in Las Vegas. Tammy uses this experience and knowledge not just for her clients that are seeking professional hair st