Styling Your Hair For The New Year

The beginning of a new decade is fast approaching, and the new year signals the perfect time to embrace a new look through professional hair styling Las Vegas . After all, a new style doesn’t only rejuvenate your hair; it rejuvenates your entire look. New hair will help you start the new decade with greater confidence than ever before, but only if you make the right choices. Focus on the following points and you won’t go far wrong. Color The right choice of hair color is naturally one of the most important aspects. It can express something about your personality or completely overhaul your appearance. Trading blonde for black, for example, is something that’ll be noticed by everyone. There are many popular colors currently on trend. Some of the very best include silver blonde, lilac, and caramel. Of course, you can also consider how the hair is colored. In addition to the standard full-head coverage, you could consider dip dyed ends or the use of highlights and lowlights. A v

How to Choose a Hair Stylist?

For many people, how their hair looks is critical to their confidence and self-image. It’s crucial, therefore, to approach the task of choosing a hairstylist with care . When it comes to bad haircuts, we’ve all been there. You go to the stylist, sit in the hair, hoping that the results they produce will look great, only to feel your heart sinking when you do finally stand up, look in the mirror, and realize that it’s a horror show. The purpose of this post is to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. There really are stylists out there who listen carefully to what you want while also being exceptionally skilled with a brush and scissors. Here’s how to choose a great stylist. Choose A Stylist Who Listens To You Carefully While many hairstylists can recreate the stunning hairstyles on the mannequin, they let themselves down by failing to listen to their clients. After all, the job of a hairdresser isn’t to create styles that they think look good but ones that their client

Why You Should Choose Tammy Lord

Getting the perfect hairstylist isn’t easy. It takes a lot of soul searching, much like finding a partner, until you can finally reach a conclusion. You’ll end up going through a lot of bad stylists or people that you don’t really mesh well with until you’ve found someone that really understands you, your style and your hair. Even then, your ideal hairstylist might leave and switch to a different place or eventually retire! Thankfully, finding the ideal hair salon in Las Vegas has never been easier thanks to Tammy Lord , one of the most reputable hairstylists in the city. But what makes Tammy special and why should you choose her over the alternatives? The First American Board-Certified Hair Colorist in Nevada Tammy Lord is the very first American Board-Certified Hair Colorist in the state of Nevada, an accomplishment that has helped her build a solid reputation in Las Vegas. Tammy uses this experience and knowledge not just for her clients that are seeking professional hair st

Top 5 Hair Colors in 2019

Great hair is something every woman aspires to achieve and choosing the right color is the first step along the road to unlocking your best look. Tammy Lord hair coloring 89117 can produce highlights, lowlights, hair painting, whole head coloring and more. Before embracing any hair coloring treatment, though, you’ll need to discover the perfect shade for your personal preferences. Here are five of the hottest trends this year. Firetruck Red Passionate red colors have been on trend for a few years now. However, women are looking for bolder, brighter, and more vivid shades than ever before, The firetruck red is literally fire right now. It’s fun, classy, sexy, and sophisticated all in one and is suited to leisure and work. Whether you’re 16 or 60, the firetruck red and variants of the hot red shades are the perfect solution for the end of summer and throughout fall. In truth, it’ll probably be a big hit during the festive season too. Amber Slate Combining warm strawberry blo

Why you should highlight your hair?

If you're thinking about the prospect of freshening up your look, your hair is the perfect place to start. After all, it's one of the first things that anyone will notice about your appearance. While there are many options at your disposal, hair highlights might just be the best. Here are just five reasons why you should highlight your hair. Improve your look First and foremost, hair highlights 89117 can completely transform your look for the better. The right hairstyle will shape your face but its the color of the highlights that will bring the entire image to life. Highlights aren’t overpowering, meaning they can complement your natural skin complexion as well as the tone of your natural hair color. Highlights bring a sense of brightness and energy that will not go unnoticed. The added depth and texture are hugely rewarding features that you will love. Improve your confidence There's no better way to boost your ego like a little pampering or image upgrade. Yo

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy

It’s astounding how much of a difference our hair can make to our overall appearances. A sleek head of healthy hair can provide that glowing look of health we all lust after. By comparison, unhealthy, frazzled hair can leave us all looking  tired. You could say, then, that becoming a picture of health is, in large part, about learning to keep your hair as healthy as possible. Of course, this is easier said than done. That’s because we tend to be at two ends of the spectrum when it comes to hair. There are those people who don’t care enough to seek that ‘healthy’ look, and then there are those who care too much and spend hairs pruning and straightening until there’s no chance of a healthy appearance. The good news is that, no matter where you fall on that spectrum, it’s easier to achieve hair health than you might think. Getting that healthy glow is merely about following a few simple pointers, the most important of which we’re going to talk you through here. Use proper products

Top 5 Woman's Haircuts In 2019

A fresh cut can make you look and feel a million dollars. Whether you’re considering a radical change, or you fancy something slightly different, it’s always interesting to have a look at what kinds of styles are dominating the glossy magazine covers and catwalks. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest trends and looks du jour, and you fancy a haircut in 89117 , here are 5 of the top women’s haircuts for 2019. 1). The beachy bob Also known as the textured or wavy bob, or the ‘wob’, the beachy bob is a fabulous, low-maintenance style for those looking to embrace the heat of the summer and opt for a cool, but chic style. This type of bob is a short-mid length cut, which is characterized by texture and loose waves that lift the hair and create a really gorgeous casual look that still looks classy and stylish. This is a style that can be dressed up or down for the office or social gatherings, and it’s ideal for going from the beach to the bar on vacation. 2. The ‘lob’ The ‘