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Top 5 Hair Colors in 2019

Great hair is something every woman aspires to achieve and choosing the right color is the first step along the road to unlocking your best look. Tammy Lord hair coloring 89117 can produce highlights, lowlights, hair painting, whole head coloring and more. Before embracing any hair coloring treatment, though, you’ll need to discover the perfect shade for your personal preferences. Here are five of the hottest trends this year. Firetruck Red Passionate red colors have been on trend for a few years now. However, women are looking for bolder, brighter, and more vivid shades than ever before, The firetruck red is literally fire right now. It’s fun, classy, sexy, and sophisticated all in one and is suited to leisure and work. Whether you’re 16 or 60, the firetruck red and variants of the hot red shades are the perfect solution for the end of summer and throughout fall. In truth, it’ll probably be a big hit during the festive season too. Amber Slate Combining warm strawberry blo