Styling Your Hair For The New Year

The beginning of a new decade is fast approaching, and the new year signals the perfect time to embrace a new look through professional hair styling Las Vegas. After all, a new style doesn’t only rejuvenate your hair; it rejuvenates your entire look.

New hair will help you start the new decade with greater confidence than ever before, but only if you make the right choices. Focus on the following points and you won’t go far wrong.


The right choice of hair color is naturally one of the most important aspects. It can express something about your personality or completely overhaul your appearance. Trading blonde for black, for example, is something that’ll be noticed by everyone.

There are many popular colors currently on trend. Some of the very best include silver blonde, lilac, and caramel. Of course, you can also consider how the hair is colored. In addition to the standard full-head coverage, you could consider dip dyed ends or the use of highlights and lowlights.

A vibrant and classy hair color can additionally influence your makeup choices, outfit styling, and utilizing of accessories. When your natural color feels a little dead, this is the perfect way to gain a new look that (with semi-frequent maintenance) can make all the difference throughout 2020 and beyond.


Coloring your hair counts for very little if you don’t have the right cut. This is why professional hair styling Las Vegas is so important for your new look in 2020. There are any prospective hairstyles to consider. From shaping the face to highlighting key features, you cannot ignore the cut.

The list of popular cuts for 2020 include variations of the bob, long bangs, middle-parted medium-length, and feathered layers. It is also suggested that the Rachel Green from Friends cut will be back in fashion, a full quarter-century after its initial craze.

Hair styling revolves heavily on the shape, volume, and length of the cut. With the opportunity to see digital representations through virtual reality and online Apps, you can now see the proposed results before the first snip has been made. So, even if it’s opting for a radical new change, you can act with confidence.


It’s one thing to leave the salon with beautiful hair, but true success comes from knowing that it will stay that way. Choosing professional styling that uses the right treatments and right hair products is as important as finding the perfect cut and color.

This is especially true when taking on extra steps such as hair extensions. Poor quality products will inevitably result in an inferior outcome that deteriorates within days. If you choose a new hairstyle for 2020, be sure that it’s one that can last to keep you smiling all year long.

Of course, it’s equally important to choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain. While a trip to the salon to treat the split ends will be inevitable, you don’t want to be faced with the prospect of paying thousands of dollars and spending hundreds of hours in the chair. Choose wisely, and you’ll fall in love with your look again and again.


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