Top 5 Hair Colors in 2019

Great hair is something every woman aspires to achieve and choosing the right color is the first step along the road to unlocking your best look. Tammy Lord hair coloring 89117 can produce highlights, lowlights, hair painting, whole head coloring and more.

Before embracing any hair coloring treatment, though, you’ll need to discover the perfect shade for your personal preferences. Here are five of the hottest trends this year.

Firetruck Red

Passionate red colors have been on trend for a few years now. However, women are looking for bolder, brighter, and more vivid shades than ever before, The firetruck red is literally fire right now. It’s fun, classy, sexy, and sophisticated all in one and is suited to leisure and work. Whether you’re 16 or 60, the firetruck red and variants of the hot red shades are the perfect solution for the end of summer and throughout fall. In truth, it’ll probably be a big hit during the festive season too.

Amber Slate

Combining warm strawberry blonde tones with cool ice blonde tones, the amber slate look suits all skin tones and is a modern take on the honey blonde color that dominated the scene a few years back. The versatile hair color looks great on straight hair, curly hair, and virtually any other style while it can be worn throughout all the seasons. When looking for a hair color that you’ll want to keep for the long haul, amber slate is a great solution. Not least because it requires very little maintenance other than your standard hair care.

Cool Gray

Opal hair colors are particularly popular right now, and the cool gray is a great option for anyone not quite ready to take the risks connected to the ultra-bold rainbow versions. The cool gray look is supported by undertones of cool blondes to bring added personality and definition. It’s great for professionals while still attracting attention on the dancefloor too. It is a big hit with women in their mid-20s through to their mid-40s and is likely to retain its popularity throughout the end of 2019 and well into 2020.

Chocolate Brown

Fusing tones of red, brown, and auburn, the chocolate brown color is certain to win a lot of fans throughout the fall. Hair coloring 89117 can bring the look to life by using subtle hints of red and ginger to supplement the deep brown foundation. The chocolate brown color also looks more natural than many of the alternative fall trends. Yet, it manages to promote the sun-kissed appearance in a very big way too.

Toasted Coconut

Blonde hues to support natural browns is always a popular choice for women throughout Las Vegas and further afield. The toasted coconut shade is the 2019 style of choice with dark roots transitioning softly into the lighter blonde tones. The color is very suited to wavy hair but has the versatility for straight hair and a range of other styles, ensuring that your hair looks stunning in every situation. If you’re looking for the brown to blonde mix towards the end of 2019, toasted coconut is the answer.


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